Diesel and Petrol Fuel Injection Testing and Repairs.

We specialise in the repair and supply of diesel and petrol fuel injectors, high-pressure pumps, rails and sensors. Not only do we supply exchange repaired units, we are also able to check, diagnose faults, clean and test your original units. As vehicle problems are becoming increasingly more difficult to diagnose, this is a valuable process in eliminating concerns on the condition of your diesel injectors, petrol injectors, high-pressure pumps and high-pressure rails.

We have opened a heavy-duty section which specializes in the testing and repairs of Truck brands such as, DAF, IVECO, M/BENZ, MAN, RENAULT and SCANIA. Agricultural brands such as, JOHN DEERE, NEW HOLLAND, MASSEY FERGUSON, CASE-IH, CLAAS, FENDT, KUBOTA and VALTRA and Plant fuel systems

Since the introduction of high-pressure diesel common rail and petrol GDI (gasoline direct injection) injection systems, we are now experiencing engine problems due to failure of the components. It has been found that a significant percentage of failures are caused by excessive return flow, “dribbling nozzles”, poor atomisation and blocked DPF Filters. These problems may cause hard starting, erratic idling, smoke and lack of power. We have placed some commonly asked questions within our FAQs section that should help with any queries or technical knowledge required. Our Diesel Engine Problems page will help with the diagnosis of your diesel engine.

Our state of the art diesel, petrol injection and DPF testing machines, enable us to test and calibrate traditional, two stage, Piezo common rail, diesel and petrol fuel injectors, high-pressure pumps and DPF filters.

We pride ourselves on the quality and presentation of our fuel injectors, pumps and DPF cleaning and repairs; all repairs and injector testing is conducted with quality in mind as we aim to supply a high-quality product at a fair price. Contact us for advice or just an honest opinion with regards to your diesel injector, petrol injector, pump, DPF cleaning and repairs.