Should I tell my Insurance Company?cross graphic

Whilst the upgrade in many cases is undetectable, the responsible and correct answer to this question has to be "yes", your insurance company should be notified of any modifications including tuning. However, the good news is many insurance companies do not penalise you for upgrades of this nature, particularly if you're tuning for increased fuel economy.

Adrian Flux is one such company.

VE two stage injectors, how do you set them up?cross graphic

The set-up of a two stage injector is very important to get optimum performance from your vehicle. If it is not set up correctly it can restrict the mount of fuel delivered on the other hand it can dump too much fuel in causing black smoke.

The nozzle choice is also important but we will cover nozzle sizes in a differant FAQ.

The set up is all to do with NOP1 and NOP2 (nozzle opening pressure) NOP1 is easy enough to do as this can be done on a standard pop tester.

Nozzle Opening Pressure (NOP2) cannot be detected by measuring only pressure or only flow. Similarly injected delivery alone does not give an indication of NOP2.

Want to get more technical? have a look at our download.

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VW T5 hard startingcross graphic

What Condition do Old Units Returned On Exchange Need to be in?cross graphic

If units have been supplied, as service exchange units your original units will need to be returned to us, using our prepaid addressed label, in a repairable condition. This means that:

  • There must be no damage caused by overheating, being chiseled, smashed, bent, distorted, heavily corroded or have parts missing.
  • The old units should not have had acid, water or other aggressive chemicals in them.

Should a unit be damaged, as above, the surcharge price as indicated on your original invoice and return note will be charged to you.

What is a PD injector upgrade and how is the injector calibrated?cross graphic

Unit injectors incorporate the nozzle assembly and a built in high pressure pump producing injection pressure of up to 2000 Bar. Similar to that of a common rail system but with the fuel rail chamber only needing a supply pressure of 2.0 Bar.

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What is a VE injector power upgrade and how is the flow checked?cross graphic

Using the 2 Stagemaster's flow mapping ability we are able to map the flow characteristics of each nozzle prior to fitting in the injector. This test is performed on the nozzles prior to installation to insure that every nozzle performs exactly to specification. We are able to evaluate delivery rate, peak delivery volume as well as flow through the flow range.

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What is an Injector Leak Back Test?cross graphic

Pressure loss within a common rail fuel system can often result in one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Hard or difficult starting
  • Erratic or uneven tick over or idle
  • Lumpy running
  • Hesitation on acceleration
  • Smoke on tick over or acceleration
  • Lack of power or even a total shut down of the system

One of the main reasons for pressure loss is due to excessive fuel being returned to the fuel tank, also known as back leakage.

Once the injectors suffer from excessive back leakage, the fuel pump cannot generate enough pressure to enable the system to operate. This is more pronounced at starting or tick over due to the fact that the pressure generated by the pump is directly related to the engine's revolutions which are lower at start and tick over.

In a colder climate the engine rotates slightly slower thus lower pump pressure whilst with warmer fuel the viscosity is thinner thus allowing worn parts to leak more.

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What is involved in tuning a Nissan Navara?cross graphic

The last 15 years have seen pickups go from workhorse to lifestyle vehicle, but the Navara has never strayed too far from its practical roots and gets pretty good reviews from the critics.

Having had a lot of experience Tuning Nissans I will be honest with our findings.

We have found that the best tune is our Performance Tune, this improves the drivability of the vehicle to no end, better acceleration, smoother drive, a lot
less gear changes when towing or going up hills. It does not improve the MPG if the vehicle is loaded or towing but there is about a 5% fuel saving when not loaded.

We fine tune to ensure that the map is bespoke, as we do not supply generic maps and guarantee that every tune is customised to suit your driving style and needs.
The gains that are achievable are,

Power Tune = 35 Bhp and 70 Nm Torque increase
With a fuel saving of 5% achievable.

Fuel savings can only be achieved with a “like for like” driving style
All tuning is insured and comes with our 30 day money back guarantee. I would also like to put your mind at rest with regards to the ECU being over written at a service or back at the main dealer, as long as you own the vehicle will re map your vehicle to your chosen tune at no extra charge.

With a JTAG tune

The Navara is challlanging to remap as it is needs "open heart surgery" to get it right. Many owners have tried a tuning box but have experianced it to be unreliable. We have had the experiance to do a remap via the open ECU with great results.


What is the Process for Nozzle Set-up and Calibration on a PD Unit Injector?cross graphic

Nozzle Set-up and Calibration, PD Unit Injectors.

Disassembly, Inspection and Nozzle Mounting for PD Injectors.

Unit injectors incorporate the nozzle assembly and a built in high pressure pump producing injection pressure of up to 2000 Bar. Similar to that of a common rail system but with the fuel “rail” chamber only needing a supply pressure of 2.0 Bar. The PD system greatly increases the precision and control over combustion when compared with older fuel injection systems. Specialist equipment is needed just to be able to strip and inspect the injectors due to the complex set up of internal locating plates and pins. With every service we provide a complete strip and inspection of the injector. Parts are then ultra sonically cleaned and worn parts replaced. A nozzle of choice is then assembled into the nozzle assembly holder and NOP1 is setup to insure the most precise calibration of the injector. We are able to set the PD injectors back to OEM specifications or, for custom or race applications, we can provide a custom pressure setup for your specifications.

Testing and Calibration.

The complete injector is then reassembled and mounted into the 555-2N Injector-Pump System Cam Box and run on our test bench connected to the 555- 24LX/EVO Simulator. The following areas of the injector are tested,

  • Effective Injection Time in ms
  • Nominal and Effective start of injection
  • Nominal and Effective end of injection
  • Current peak absorbed by the electrical solenoid and error message if value is exceeded
  • Peripheral Speed of drive shaft whilst pumping
  • Test Fluid Temperature measures at the Nozzle Outlet with a maximum protection value
  • Visualization of “0” setting for both Cam and the Rotation Mode
  • Atomization characteristics at Start Of Injection

Once the injector has passed either OEM or custom setting specifications the injector is marked with its unique identification number. A performance printout can be supplied on request. All injectors supplied will have a set of new fitment seals and the necessary washers.

What percentages of paraffin or heating oil will the DIESEL-SURE test kit detect in diesel?cross graphic

EN 590 DIESEL-SURE TEST KIT Patent pending

It all depends on the specification of the diesel fuel that you are testing but an estimate is as follows: Paraffin 18% to 20%
Heating oil 28% to 30%

We do recommend that the DIESEL-SURE test kit is only used as a guide and should you require a more accurate result that the fuel in question is sent to a fuel laboratory for a full analysis.