What were the test conditions regarding the PD body flow tests?cross graphic

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The same DSSR 130+ nozzle was used in the 3 PD bodies. NOP 1 (nozzle opening pressure) was set to 300 Bar. The stock bodies were left as is and our standard test procedure was followed. The results have been documented as "test results for PD body flow rates"

Testing and Calibration.

The complete injector was then reassembled and mounted into the 555-2N Injector-Pump System Cam Box and run on our test bench connected to the 555- 24LX/EVO Simulator. The following areas of the injector are tested,

  1. Effective Injection Time in ms.
  2. Nominal and Effective start of injection.
  3. Nominal and Effective end of injection.
  4. Current peak absorbed by the electrical solenoid and error message if value is exceeded.
  5. Peripheral Speed of drive shaft whilst pumping.
  6. Test Fluid Temperature measures at the Nozzle Outlet with a maximum protection value.
  7. Visualization of “0” setting for both Cam and the Rotation Mode.
  8. Atomization characteristics at Start Of Injection.

Probably what will be more relavent is how we achieved the fuel specs.

Low Delivery - Cm3 Fuel delivery x 200 strokes at 300 RPM bench speed.

Full Load Delivery - Cm3 Fuel delivery x 200 strokes at 600 RPM bench speed.

Please see the attached document for the full test plan

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What will happen if a diesel engine is run on paraffin?cross graphic

EN 590 DIESEL-SURE TEST KIT Patent pending

There are reports of diesel engines that have run for hundreds of kilometres on unadulterated paraffin, however, there are many cases where failures have occurred within a very short period. What is indisputable is that paraffin will ultimately damage a diesel engine.

Firstly, paraffin has a lower viscosity and inferior lubricating properties compared to diesel. Thus, fuel delivery pumps (which must be lubricated by the fuel they pump) will last only a fraction of their normal lives and injectors will wear faster and have an increased chance of blocking. Secondly, paraffin reduces the flame point and cetane number of diesel and causes the engine to run at a higher temperature, often damaging engine components.


What's in the box?cross graphic

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Why are Injectors Failing?cross graphic

This is a article that I found on the internet written by D. G. Quirk. It is a good insight to the problems that I am experiancing with injectors today. I have tried contacting Dave to get permission to use his article but am unable to contact him.

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Why choose United Tuning?cross graphic

Having been in the motor trade for 4 generations, established in Shrewsbury since 1992, we understand the importance of quality, service and credibility this is why we have become the Shropshire agent for Viezu Technologies.

Award winning tuning services, Viezu is the UK’s only ISO certified tuning and training provider, who are are approved and used by the largest fleet and industry professionals across the world. All tuning is insured and comes with our money back promise.

Viezu tuning and ECU remapping is dyno developed, and emission tested, which is a legal requirement. All our tuning is custom and developed with years of research and development, giving you the choice of the level of tune you want. Be it performance or economy tuning, we have the ability to reach your exact requirements.

Why don't Vehicle Manufactures Tune their Vehicles?cross graphic

The most common of all tuning questions, it is not complicated, but there are a few answers to this question, some more obvious than others.

Vehicle manufactures are in a tough position here, they have to build one vehicle for all drivers, it’s a bit like a nice suit off the shelf, it fits well, its looks smart, but it can’t be custom tailored for the end customer, tuning is just the same, if you own a fleet of vans you may want a speed limiter or rev limiter added to help save your fuel, yet another customer may want a little more power to help with towing, or heavy payloads, these sort of changes can only be made once the vehicle is built and the customer needs something other than off the shelf

Fuel quality, we are often asked to tune for different fuel quality, either higher or lower, once an owner knows where his vehicle will be used and what it will be used for, we can adapt the tuning for environmental, altitude and fuel quality.

And surprisingly, many manufactures do offer ecu remapping services, any showroom these days will be full of eco tuned vehicles, often sporting a “blue” badge, just like our BlueOtimize tuning, with our tuning though, you don’t need a new vehicle to benefit from economy tuning.

In addition, many manufacturers offer power and performance tuning upgrades too, or offer the same engine in a range of vehicles offering different power levels, this enables customers a choice, taking account of tax banding, insurance, performance, price and economy, In most cases though the choice is controlled with software, just like our tuning, but with Viezu you don’t have to decide what you want from new in the showroom, we can tailor your vehicle to your needs whenever you want.

Will my Fuel Consumption go up After an Upgrade?cross graphic

No, in fact quite the opposite, even on a performance tune, if you continue to drive the car in the same way as you did before the upgrade, your fuel consumption will probably improve. Of course if you have a track map installed on the car and you are driving the car under the conditions with which a track map is intended you're likely to find a slightly reduced mpg figure.

Economy tuning can have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption, with considerable improvements being achieved along with huge money savings on fuel. All Viezu fuel economy tuning has a money back promise, if you are not delighted – you don’t pay for the tuning.

Will Re-mapping Invalidate my Car's Warranty?cross graphic

However, manufactures of course have the right to investigate and possibly reject a warranty claim if the failure is directly related too and caused by the tuning, (remember not all tuning is the same quality as Viezu) Therefor, for your total peace of mind, all Viezu tuning work is insured and guaranteed, if our tuning causes a failure inside or outside of the warranty period you are covered. It’s exactly why you should chose Viezu for all your tuning work, only Viezu dealers have this depth of cover and we will be happy to show you and talk through the Viezu tuning insurance policy. We say this with confidence because of the rigorous testing regime all ECU remapping and vehicle tuning files go through, and we even give a life-time software guarantee too for reinstallation.

Should you lose your tuning files due to dealer actions or parts failure we will be happy to re-install the map onto your car free of charge for as long as you own the vehicle.

Will the Life Span of my Engine be Reduced?cross graphic

No, not at all if you use a Viezu dealer. Sadly some engines can be over tuned, "stressing" the engine, transmission, cooling systems, brakes, etc, and reducing the life span and reliability of the car. This is why it's so important to choose the best – choose Viezu, the research and development we carry out ensures all our tuning is of the very highest standard possible.

We take great care to ensure that all of our modifications have no detrimental effect on your car. In a lot of cases the economy tune actually helps to extend the life of components such as the clutch and gearbox by making the delivery of the power far less aggressive and smoothing the overall drive of the vehicle.