Ordering & Surcharge Procedure

Should you wish to place an order for diesel injectors, please find the relevant diesel injector needed and complete our purchase procedure.

For any Special Tools, Diesel Rhino or other auxiliary items please proceed through the Shop link or click on the relevant products link.

Service Exchange Injectors

Service exchange units will be supplied with a core return note and an addressed pre-paid return label. Your old units need to be returned to us, in a repairable condition, within 30 days or sooner.

To return old units, simply place in the box used to supply the new units with the core return note, stick the pre-paid addressed label on the outside and take to a post office. Please obtain a proof of postage receipt when returning old injectors, as the onus will be on you to prove that the old units had been posted should they be lost.

Service Exchange Injectors - condition of old units returned

If units have been supplied as service exchange units the original replacement units will need to be returned to us, using our prepaid addressed label, in a repairable condition. This means that:

Units / Special tools not returned

After the indicated time, 15 or 30 days has passed and you have not yet returned your old units, you will be sent a reminder letter with another return note and addressed pre-paid label. We will also try and contact you by phone. Should you require an extended period this can be arranged.

If there is still no indication that your old units are going to be returned we will charge your payment method, with the indicated surcharge and send you a receipt.