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Aled Lloyd
30th June 2014

Just had my BMW 118d remapped, it now pulls much better and also is now slightly better on fuel economy. Keith was most helpful and explained everything that was going to happen. Very highly reconmended.

Victoria Jobson
19th March 2014
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I have recently had my Audi A4 avant 1.8 diesel mapped and have noticed a massive difference straight away. The car pulls better, has much more torque and feels much smoother on idle and drive. The mpg is looking better already as well. Thanks again and will be recommending you to everyone!

Duncan Lister
1st February 2014
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Where no one else could help improve the performance of our Fiat based Hymer motorhome we were advised to speak to Keith. Our 2.8idTD engine had no ECU which meant no possibility of having a remap, so 9 out of 10 companies turned us away. No problem for Keith though, he built us a bespoke set of injectors & once fitted the transformation of our Hymer was fantastic & I now enjoy driving it!

Richard Sparks
16th January 2014

I have used United Diesel for many years! The quality of workmanship, Technical backup and customer service is second to none! I have and would recommend Keith to anyone. If your thinking of a remap or injector testing/upgrading there is nobody else I would use and the Rhino Diesel treatment makes a big difference to MPG Drive ability and performance.

Mike Dunn
13th January 2014
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Recently i dropped in to see the guys at United Diesel/Tuning regarding a performance remap on my Saab 9-3 TID 150 Vector Sport.

Usually, when you approach any company with the view to giving them your custom they will bend over backwards to make sure they get it! Sometimes, the customer service ends there...

Keith (and his family for that matter) continue to provide a great level of after care and customer service, answering any concerns or even adjusting the map if you're not happy with it, or want more from it.

I've had the misfortune of using A DIFFERENT local company on Battlefield in Shrewsbury who did a remap and while my car was in their care, it was returned to me with a puncture, damage to one of my alloys and the entire under tray and front bumper splitter had been smashed to pieces, also damaging my wiring loom! Guess what... They didn't want to know about it!

I also had the original map put back on in the end because my car had started running like a bag of manure with many flat spots and violent judders.

I cannot praise United Diesel enough for their top quality, helpful, knowledgeable, professional service BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER!

Thanks so much guys! :)

Brad Richards
9th January 2014
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I cannot rate this company any higher, I recently had my Seat Ibiza 1.8t mapped and straight away I noticed hell of a difference, the power and torque now is spot on the mpg also seemed to increase slightly which is a surprising advantage!

Would defiantly recommend!

Thanks again.

Lillie Birch
30th December 2013

Recently got my Peugeot 307 mapped by this company, noticed a difference straight away so chuffed with it thank you for lending me your car while you sorted mine definitely recommend!

John Manley
5th December 2013
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I recently had a problem with my diesel injectors. Not only did United Diesel give me their expert advice, they also rented me a tool for re-skimming the injector seats. I cannot rate this company and their staff more highly. I am so happy with the results I have achieved thanks to them. My car is a lot happier too and I feel confident in the drive I have across Europe in the coming weeks! Thank you so much; especially Keith!!!