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Gavin J
2nd December 2013

I initially sent a few general enquiry emails regarding re mapping to a few companies, however the response time and knowledge of United was far superior to anyone else. It was for this reason I chose them, and there excellent reputation for being experts regarding Diesel engines.

On the day the work was done, it was carried out promptly and to a high standard. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone considering a re map to get in touch with these guys.

Garry Matthews
24th November 2013

I've just had my range rover evoque done by these guys and I must say what a massive difference. I really didn't need the power so they advised on a 50'50 map which gave me a great deal more horse to pull our caravan and I'm finding I am now getting a good few more miles to the gallon. Great job guys see you soon with the wife's fiesta.

12th November 2013

Great customer service !

I had my race 1287+ calibrated at united diesel .. I personaly been up there to have a look at how are they doing it .

Keith great guy !


Carl Elson
15th October 2013


Just had my range rover sport tdv8 remapped by these guys I found them very helpfull from the initial phone call

I called in late on Friday afternoon to discus having it re mapped after speaking with many company's over the phone. I made a spur of the moment decision to get it done their and then, they were happy to get this done for me around 3.30pm on a Friday.

After kindly lending me their company van to collect my children I returned a hour later and the tdv8 was ready, at first I couldn't really notice the difference, I called veizu who talked me through the remap and said they could slightly tweek it for a bit more performance, I returned on the Monday morning and Keith said it was no problem at all to contact veizu and get the updated map, this was installed in the car for me there and then.

Now I have to say as the days have gone by I certainly have noticed a difference in power ...... This near on 3 ton beast now throws you back in you seat and roars on take of ! Its safe to say I'm pleased as punch with this remap and would thoroughly recommend united diesels and veizu for remapping

Cheers guys


Lee Rann
10th October 2013

I got my 2002 Audi A3 1.9 tdi 130 remapped last week by Keith at United Diesel, I chose these guys because they know what they are talking about regarding diesels and the mapping company they use are well renowned and offer great support.

Now the car was quick enough as standard but I wanted a bit more from it and the map offered by Keith was spot on. Its so much more enjoyable to drive, with great torque and pulls really strong in all gears especially the higher ones. In the lower ones it does tend to light up the wheels if your heavy on the throttle but I have now got this under control.

The car is fantastic and having done nearly 170,000 miles the map has transformed it and made it feel a lot younger, thanks guys its great.