Ford - Jaguar 2.0 Lt TDCI - High Flow < 33% more fuel

Having now done a lot of development and research on these injectors I am pleased to announce that we can offer a set of flow balanced and calibrated injectors.

The advantage of these injectors is that the full load delivery is 33% more than stock. It is difficult to equate this to the achievable power as it all depends on your engine build.

To give you some idea of costs,

To check your original injectors the costs are £ 24.00 each,
If your injectors test ok then the cost to modify your injectors will be £ 105.00 each
If your injectors are not within specs then to do a full repair and modification the cost will be £ 190.00 each

We do have an option of supplying you fully reconditioned service exchange modified injector at a cost of £ 230.00 each
and then when you return your old units. in good condition, we will refund you £ 40.00 each

Please Note that your old injector/s must be returned in a "off the engine condition" this means that there must be no external damage to the injectors, Should any of the injectors be damaged or not returned the surcharge will not be refunded.

Our ordering and surcharge procedure can be found at
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