PD Injector Check

Injectors are mounted into the 555-2N Injector-Pump System Cam Box and run on our test bench connected to the 555- 24LX/EVO Simulator. The following areas of the injector are tested,


Microsoft Word - Nozzle Set-up PD Injectors page 1 bev.docx

a. Effective Injection Time in ms.
b. Nominal and Effective start of injection.
c. Nominal and Effective end of injection.
d. Current peak absorbed by the electrical solenoid and error message if value is exceeded. e. Peripheral Speed of drive shaft whilst pumping.
f. Test Fluid Temperature measures at the Nozzle Outlet with a maximum protection value. g. Visualization of “0” setting for both Cam and the Rotation Mode.
h. Atomization characteristics at Start Of Injection.

All injectors that pass will need a set of new fitment seals and necessary washers inorder to be replaced into the engine.