TDI Fuel Pumps

Reconditioned and modified VE TDI diesel injector pumps. 

11,5mm rotor is good for 280hp with 0.280 nozzles and even more with bigger nozzles. No RPM limit for this size of rotor if an eye is kept on fuel temp. Fuel cooler recommended but not really needed.

12,5mm rotor for around 320hp with 0.320 nozzles and more with bigger nozzles. Fuel cooler highly recommended plus RPM limit at 4000RPM (our recommendation)

Basically, with exactly the same configuration, the upgrade from stock 10mm to 12,5mm headpump gives you 50hp gain.

The 14mm headpump is a monster!
This is good for around 400hp with 0.350 nozzles or bigger but RPM limit at 3500 on that one (our recommendation) but can go up to 5000RPM with big fuel cooler, big feed pump, 1L of 2T fully synthetic oil in the fuel tank.