PD and VE Diesel Injector / Pump, Power Upgrades & Diesel Engine Tuning

VE and PD Injector nozzle replacement and calibration for diesel injection power upgrades. TDI Injection Pump repairs and power modifications.

We specialise in all aspects of PD diesel and TDI injector testing, repairs and upgrades. As we have the experiance, equipment and passion for PD and TDI injectors we can test, repair and upgrade your diesel injectors and TDI pumps.

There are two areas to consider when obtaining diesel injector power upgrades for your diesel injectors.

The quality and specification of the nozzle and the set up of the injector.

I always smile when I see the sale of nozzles to vehicle owners with instructions on how to fit them. A good sales ploy but from a technical aspect incorrect and potentially damaging to your vehicle. All nozzle replacements need the correct set up, pressure adjustment and calibration. It is better to have a cheaper nozzle fitted with the correct set up than to have an expensive nozzle fitted with no set up.

I agree that not all PD nozzles are created equal but with careful choice we can tailor the job to suit your budget, when available (stock problems with nozzle manufactures) we are able to offer a wide proven selection of nozzles for your diesel PD and VE injector upgrades. 

With the availability of performance  nozzles, bigger Pump Heads and our technical knowledge and capability we are able to build you a bespoke set of pump and injectors to best suit your engine build.

All diesel injection power upgrades go through the process of complete disassembly, ultra sonic cleaning, inspection, nozzle replacement, nozzle opening pressure (NOP) setting and then final calibration and flow test.

Years of experience in setting up of Bosch Two Stage VE TDI injectors for both the 1.9L and 2.5L engines have led to the establishment of a series of different parameters depending on application. Please remember that part numbers and part names associated with various nozzle manufacturers will only relate to the delivery of the individual nozzle. The final fuel flow is dependent on the set up of the unit as a whole. The flow rates below thus describe the flow of the injector, not the individual nozzle.

All flow rates have been tested using a Hartridge Two Stage Test Master and the flow rate is measured in “liters per minute” this is not the actual delivery but a measurement used to flow test the injector. All Bhp quoted will depend on engine condition and “engine build” in the case of modified systems.

Moderate Flow:   flow rate of 1.45 to 1.55 L/min (litres per minute). A great injector used to revitalize your 1.9lt or 2.5lt TDI. No mods, no turbo’s, inter coolers or any remaps needed, just fit and enjoy. This set of injectors will improve response, torque and drivability with an increase in power of 20 to 30 Bhp, at a very affordable price. If you are thinking of getting your injectors reconditioned and don’t want to get involved in any other engine modifications this is the way to go.

Enhanced Flow:  flow rate of 1.55 to 1.65 L/min, again with the 1.9lt and 2.5lt engine, just fit and expect an increase in power of approximately 35 Bhp and with a tune you should achieve about 50 Bhp. Great low down torque also noticeable.

High Flow:          flow rate of 1.65 to 1.80 L/min these injectors are normally fitted as part of an engine tune sometimes with more efficient intercoolers, hybrid turbo’s and a few other minor modifications. Again with a tune you should see improvements in Bhp of about 100 Bhp

Super High Flow:flow rate of 1.90 to 2.10 L/min -   even bigger turbo’s, more comprehensive engine modifications and a injector pump up-rate will increase power to about  250 – 300 Bhp

Extreme Flow:      flow rate of 2.10 to 2.50 L/min     this can only be used by an experienced engine tuner. A more comprehensive engine mod will be required with even bigger pump – uprate. Power achievable of 350 – 400 Bhp

Viezu ECU Remapping and Viezu Tuning

Remapping standard vehicles in Shrewsbury is relatively new so not many people know what it is all about, for those that do please be patient whilst I explain the process of ECU remapping, Viezu tuning or as some know it, Viezu remapping.

ECU stands for the “engine control unit” this is the computer or brain of a modern vehicle. It controls everything about your vehicle, from the time you press the remote to open your door to the time the vehicle’s lights or wipers come on. There are many sensors, valves and modules that send messages to and from the ecu. Within the ECU there is a small section that controls the engine management, when you press the accelerator it measures and controls, throttle position, air and fuel mixtures, engine temperatures, load, RPM and basically how well the car goes.

ECU remapping, basically computer reprogramming, is readjusting the way the engine management functions so with carful adjustment the results enable the car to perform more efficiently but this has to be done by someone who has the experience and training to do it effectively and safely. We at United Tuning Shrewsbury have been trained to copy the engine management functions of your vehicles ECU, this is then sent to Viezu tuning who with their specialist trained re-programmers produce a file that alters some of the parameters to improve the drivability of your vehicle. We then download the adjusted file back into the ECU and the vehicle now drives with the adjusted fine tuned map. Viezu tuning being ISO Certified ensure that your original file is saved should you ever wish to have the vehicle back as standard. You no doubt have many questions that need answering so please do not hesitate to contact us or have a look at the FAQ’s

The advantages of having your vehicle remapped by Viezu tuning, or Viezu remapping, is a vehicle that drives smother, better acceleration, fewer gear changes and generally more fun to drive with,

  • Fuel savings of up to 15%
  • Power and Torque increases of up to 35%
  • Improved performance and drivability
  • Lower emissions of up to 60%
  • Complete peace of mind with a 30 day money back guarantee

What is in it for you and your vehicle? Use our Performance Calculator to find out

The tuning can be done at our premises on Leaton Industrial Estate, nr Shrewsbury, Shropshire or in the comfort of your own workshop or home as we also offer a mobile service for the Shrewsbury, Shropshire area. Why not contact us to discuss what tuning option will be best for you and your vehicle?