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Chris Freeman
12th January 2016


I have recently had my Audi a4 2.0 tdi S Line remapped by Keith and his team.I am really pleased with how the car now runs.Seems much more responsive and pulls a lot smoother.Tickover is also smooth and over the Xmas period I have noticed im getting more Mpg.

I was lent a loan car to go home in whilst my car was being worked on which helped me enormously.

Would have no hesitation recommending having work done by Keith and his family.

Thanks again

Claudiu Simon
29th November 2016

I have buy from United Diesel a set of tdi PD injectors with Firad 160% nozzles. They work very good on my car! Super Team! Super Service! Recomand!

Jim Melia
26th October 2016

Having had many sets of injectors for our commercial vans,i let Keith loose on my Rover 75 CDTI which has 101 miles000 on it .It now runs as almost new good low down torque,smooth running a much improved car to drive,and the tea is very good.Thank you

Chris Law
13th February 2016

In December 2015 I noticed the enjine on my JAGUAR X-TYPE S 2.0 DIESEL, 5 Door ESTATE was idling rough so I took called my normal garage who took a look and told me it was a common problem with these jags and mondeo's where the fuel pump wears inside and metal filings end up blocking the injectors.... £1900 to replace pump and injectors! Parked the car up and did some internet browsing including getting quotes for it as scrap and came across a blog that mentioned United Diesel. Got in contact with Keith via email and decided to book the car in for repair as at least his worst case scenario was cheaper than my own garages. Drove the car up to Shrewsbury from London, it was performing badly and would barely accellerate when needed. Left the car with Keith and made my way back to London and just as I arrived got a call from Keith, no sign of metal swarf in the injectors or fuel filter so the good news was that the diesel pump was ok. The injectors had failed as poor quality parts were used prior to my purchase of the vehicle and these had worn out. Apart from this there was also a pipe on the turbo which was split which Keith very kindly replaced for me. The car now runs like a bomb, no sign of any rough idle and the accelleration is there when I need it. Mpg now up to where I would like it to be too. Thanks very much to Keith and family for sorting out my car and for ferrying me about Shrewsbury, was a very worthwhile outing!

13th July 2015
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Hi All

Just a note I have a 2002 TD4 88HP which received an injector upgrade from Keith and the team

I am and engineer who works in a lot of workshops and I cant say enough how friendly and helpful the team at United diesel were in all manners in the injector change out a very professional operation and highly recommended for re mapping and any injector issues and upgrades

The Van now pulls and runs strong with even 270K kms on the clocks pulling a caravan and and a full load at motorway speeds with ease.

So once again Keith thanks to you and the family for the great works and service



23rd June 2015

I have a seat ibiza cupra TDI. My car was very rough on cold starts and had a rough idle, also consumed more fuel than i would have liked. Decided on changing my injectors and upgrading to higher flow dssr+90% nozzles and new injector bodies. Went to visit keith this morning and got more than i expected! A lovely greeting and keith and his son started on the car straight away i was told that it would take a few hours so his wife very kindly took us to shrewsberry town centre and left me and my wife to do some shopping while we waited, once the work was done keith had me come back and payed for my taxi. Overall the experience was excellent and the service was too class! Very nice family run buisness and would recomend to everyone and anyone! Really enjoyed having Keith work on my car!

8th December 2014
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A 100% professional service by a company that cares.

Rare to find someone like Keith who gave me all the advice I needed to make my own decisions.

Really pleased with the result of the remapping of my vehicle. The car performs better with the power and efficiency plain to see.

Thank you Keith, you are a class act.

19th November 2014
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Friendly & professional diesel experts. After having previous excellent work done by Keith I wouldn't have trusted any other company with remapping my Mercedes E320 CDI.